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Carolina MedCare, Inc. was founded in 1999, in Camden, South Carolina.  Our mission is simple; to provide patients quality care and exceptional customer service in a professional manner. Our business principles are based on honesty, integrity, and a willingness to serve our healthcare communities.  These principles serve as the foundation of Carolina MedCare, Inc.

These principles hold true today as Carolina Medcare, Inc. has established itself as the premiere transport service in South Carolina and is one of the largest ambulance companies in the southeast. We serve 13 counties and have cultivated partnerships with Nursing Facilities and Hospitals throughout our service areas. Carolina MedCare, Inc. employs highly skilled Emergency Medical Technicians on the Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic levels.  Each Paramedic and E.M.T. is trained in the latest procedures and skills to better serve our patients.  Our employees use these skills on over 72,000 patient transports a year.  Each patient  transport is coordinated through our dispatch centers and dispatched to strategically positioned base locations.  From there, our Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulances are able to respond to ensure a timely and efficient transport.  Carolina MedCare, Inc. also maintains wheelchair transportation to meet our healthcare facilities needs. 

Carolina MedCare, Inc. is ever striving to be a better service.  We would like to thank our current partners for helping make Carolina MedCare, Inc. what it is today.  These partnerships have given us many ideas in making our service more efficient.  This efficiency enables us to reach our mission and better serve our patients.

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